What is it?

Just simple way how to quote, organize and share your every day web findings.

How it works?

It's simple. There are browser extensions which allow you to select a text, image or a whole page and send it to SWAGLR web. Once the posts are on the SWAGLR, you can organize, share and comment them to express your opinion.

So every time you see something interesting on the web, post it to SWAGLR and build the collection of the best things you ever found on the web.

Browser Extensions

The best way to get SWAGLR browser extension is to visit chrome webstore or mozilla add-ons and install it to your browser.

When the browser extension is installed, it will appear as a new item in browser context menu. This item allows you to post selected text, image under cursor or just whole page to SWAGLR web.

Here you can see the browser extension in action. As simple as possible.